Tri-Metrix ™

Our treatment approach for YOUR problems includes our three part treatment plan: MRT, Adjustments, and Rehabilitation.

Myofacial Release – MRT

Myofacial Release

Swelling is the first stage of healing

When old swelling cannot drain and stagnates, it results in an exhaustive state; increasing the probability of damage or injury.

MRT helps clear out the body’s natural swelling drainage system, push out the old metabolites, and removes the back flow pressure.

Allows fresh blood to bring healing to the tissues.

MyoFascial release allows the brain to reset the tensions and re-establish proper contractility

Chiropractic Adjustment


Chiropractic manipulative technique puts malpositioned joints into their correct position.

This office performs an extraordinarily large  amount of adjustments to the extremities in addition to each of the five spinal regions.

Adjustments help released tissues to retain their natural tension/length/state.



Three main areas of rehab: core, arms, and legs.

Rehab progressions tone, coordinate, and synergize all the muscle groups of your body.

Mastery of earlier progressions will predicate success in sequential progressions.

Mantra: Proper Form Gives You Proper Function!

Our form gives the brain the ability to efficiently and properly move your body.